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    Back in the day, I still remember the excitement of learning to program for that great new thing called a personal computer (an Apple II). I created several pieces of shareware and distributed them as Driftwood Software. It was great thrill to know that there were people out there using software that I had written!

    Now programming is my profession, but I still remember the excitement of those early years when things were new and fresh and you could knock out a fun a little app in a couple days. Well I have good news for you:

   "The Fun is Back!"

    The Windows Phone 7 is a great new platform for mobile development. The FREE tools provided by Microsoft are amazing and the phones are great too!

    This site is dedicated to communicating my experiences as a windows phone developer and hosting the apps I write. As I see it there are a several reasons to write new apps for the windows phone:
  • 1. Show me the Money!
  • 2. Make me famous!
  • 3. Make it useful!
  • 4. Learn something new!
    While it would be great if 1 & 2 happened - I think the best approach is to focus on 3 & 4 and have fun in the process. As a result you'll find that over time Driftwood 7 phone apps will be a odd mix of those things I like or would use on a daily basis.

Enjoy your visit and don't forget to checkout our blog,